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Picolé Healthy Ice Pops Inc., founded by the husband and wife team of Al and Tina Mejia, is a proudly Filipino company that manufactures its own brand of healthy and yummy ice pops.


Established in 2008 when Al and Tina realized there was a lack of healthy frozen snacks available in the market, Picolé Healthy Ice Pops believes the pleasure of eating something delicious can be truly healthy. By combining real fruits and using only natural ingredients, Picole is able to make the taste of the pops unbeatable. All flavors and ideas are the company’s originals, and are not copied from competitors.


Picole bursts with natural goodness. It’s a year-round indulgent healthy snack that is loaded with nutrients. Through innovation and endless research, Picole is able to provide products beneficial for you and your family members to enjoy.


Simply put: It’s happiness on a stick!

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